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Morehead City is a port town on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. Morehead City’s economy is based predominantly on ecotourism, the Port of Morehead City, and a growing retirement community. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is also nearby. If you live in Morehead City and you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.

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Attorney Joel Hancock has successfully defended thousands of clients in Morehead City and the surrounding area who’ve been charged with crimes ranging from simple traffic infractions to serious felonies. He understands the importance of quick communication and works hard to provide clients with an excellent legal defense. Contact Hancock Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about your legal rights. 

Criminal Defense in Morehead City

Facing a criminal charge in North Carolina can be daunting and frustrating. Attorney Joel Hancock is the attorney to call if you’re charged with a crime. He’s committed to helping extricate you from the legal trouble you’re facing. He understands that innocent people can be charged with crimes and will presume your innocence while providing you with a free case evaluation. Regardless of what type of law you’ve been accused of breaking, attorney Hancock is prepared to provide you with an outstanding criminal defense. He represents clients in all of the following types of criminal charges:

After carefully listening to your account of the events leading to your arrest, he will determine the best legal defense strategy for your case. His primary goal will be to get your case dismissed or win an acquittal in court. Even if the evidence against you seems overwhelming, he won’t give up on you. He’ll work to negotiate a favorable plea bargain. 

Traffic Violations

Nobody enjoys getting a traffic ticket, and many people assume traffic tickets aren’t a big deal. However, moving traffic violations can have serious consequences in some cases. If you plead or are adjudicated guilty, you will have to pay a fine. You will probably receive points on your driver’s license that can mount up and result in a driver’s license suspension. Your automobile insurance premium will also increase if you plead guilty. Additionally, if you’re pulled over by a law enforcement officer in the future, the officer will see you as a previous offender, which could affect the outcome of the incident. 

Dealing with a traffic ticket may cost you time away from work, which could end up being more expensive than paying the fine itself. However, working with an experienced attorney can help spare you from all of the negative consequences that come from pleading or being found guilty of a traffic infraction. Attorney Joel Hancock can fight your traffic ticket for you without you having to go into court, relieving you of the inconvenience and expenses of making an appearance. 


In North Carolina, being convicted of a DWI, also referred to as a DUI, can result in serious consequences. North Carolina is well-known for having some of the strictest DWI laws in the country. A DWI conviction can be punishable by a mandatory prison sentence and hefty fines. Depending on the charges you’re facing, you may be at risk of permanently losing your driver’s license. North Carolina has a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under 21.

North Carolina courts consider aggravating factors and mitigating factors when determining the sentence for a defendant convicted of a DWI. Attorney Joel Hancock will carefully investigate your case and advocate for a dismissal or reduction of the DWI charge. He will also present evidence of mitigating factors while challenging aggravating factors for the best outcome possible in your case. 


Misdemeanors, like felonies, are crimes that can have a long-lasting impact on your life. Even though misdemeanors carry lighter penalties than felonies, a misdemeanor conviction will stay on your criminal record for life. It will show up on your background checks for employment, bank loans, educational admissions, and licensing applications. If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor in Morehead City, it’s time to be proactive and hire a skilled attorney. Joel Hancock will provide you and your case with the personal attention you deserve. He represents clients in North Carolina facing the following types of misdemeanor charges:


Felony crimes are serious and carry a sentence that typically includes a jail sentence of at least one year. In North Carolina, felonies are categorized by varying degrees of severity, known as classes. Even if you’ve been charged with a crime that is considered a Class 1 felony, the least severe felony, you could spend a year or more in jail and face harsh fines. Attorney Joel Hancock has extensive experience representing clients facing a wide range of felony charges, including the following:

  •  Sex offenses
  •  Felony assault
  •  Gun crimes
  •  Burglary
  •  Arson
  •  Homicide/murder
  •  Robbery
  •  Drug trafficking

The severity of the sentence will depend on the specific factors of your case. Even if you’ve been accused of a lower-level felony, you could be facing multiple years in jail, especially when there are aggravating factors. Attorney Joel Hancock understands the seriousness of felony charges and will provide you with an aggressive criminal defense. He will immediately begin gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and developing a firm understanding of the facts in your case while pursuing the best outcome possible for your case. 

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At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, we focus all of our legal practice on defending clients accused of traffic offenses, infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. There is no case too big or too small for attorney Joel Hancock to handle. If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime in Morehead City, you deserve an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, today to schedule your free consultation.