man breaking and entering a home

Breaking and Entering in NC: When Is It a Felony?

The crime of “breaking and entering” is as it sounds: going into someone else’s property (forcibly) without first receiving permission from those who reside there or own the property. But depending upon the type of property and the intent of the crime that was committed, you can be charged with either a misdemeanor or a […]

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man imprisoned

What Is False Imprisonment in North Carolina?

While you may think of “imprisoning” someone as locking them in a room, your actions need not be so extreme for you to be guilty of a crime. In North Carolina, the common law crime of false imprisonment is the unlawful restraint of another person.  In order to be convicted of false imprisonment, the prosecution […]

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woman receiving violent threat

Communicating Violent Threats is a Crime in North Carolina

Free speech is one thing that differentiates the United States from many other countries. Under the Bill of Rights, you are protected permitted and protected to speak your mind. However, not all speech is protected under the First Amendment. There are, in fact, certain types of speech that are illegal.  One type of speech that […]

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criminal defense attorney speaking to jury

Are There Defenses to a Sex Crime Charge?

Sexual assault is a very serious criminal offense. While states vary slightly in how they define it, the elements of the crime remain the same. Sexual assault generally refers to a crime in which someone is subjected to unwanted sexual contact by another. These involuntary sexual interactions usually occur as a result of force or […]

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online dating app

The Risks of “Catfishing” and Sex Crimes in North Carolina

With the growth of the Internet and specifically social media, it’s extremely easy to connect with people across the world. However, what’s not as easy is knowing to whom you are actually speaking. “Catfishing,” or an interaction in which someone pretends to be someone else, can be extremely disheartening. But what many people fail to […]

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Man being arrested for disturbing the peace

What Does it Mean to ‘Disturb the Peace’ in North Carolina?

You may have heard the phrase “disturbing the peace” in many TV shows or movies. But what does it actually mean? Disturbing the peace is another name for “disorderly conduct.” You can be charged with disorderly conduct if a law enforcement officer believed that your conduct was a disturbance. If you fight the charge and […]

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Man arrested for a general intent crime

General vs. Specific Intent Crimes in NC

Sometimes things happen that you didn’t mean to have happened. This sometimes even includes the outcome of criminal actions. While some people want to commit a crime, others want to commit a crime for the purpose of having something happen. This is the difference between general intent and specific intent respectively.  Regardless of your full […]

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Someone on their laptop, using social media.

Criminal Acts that are Committed on Social Media

Social media has become somewhat of a normal, daily activity. It has helped to shape our lives in many ways, connecting us to our jobs, our families, and our friends across the world. Through social media, we can meet others who share our favorite hobbies and interests and stay up-to-date on current events. Social media […]

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Woman holding her cell phone, cyberstalking

What Exactly is a Cyberstalking Charge in North Carolina?

There’s no doubt that our society has been forever changed by technology. From buying groceries and clothes, to paying bills and doing your banking, just about anything and everything that needs to be done can be executed online. But while the ever-changing technological landscape has done a lot of good, one other thing can also […]

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