Beaufort, North Carolina, is a charming coastal town situated on the Atlantic coastline. Beaufort is located on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the best historically preserved colonial villages in the U.S. A popular tourist destination, Beaufort remains a small town with just over 4,300 residents. If you live in Beaufort, North Carolina, and you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important that you reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Representing Clients in Beaufort Facing Criminal Charges

Attorney Joel Hancock has defended thousands of clients charged with crimes in Beaufort and the surrounding areas. He has experience representing clients in traffic violation cases and more serious charges, including felonies. He works hard to provide his clients with an excellent legal defense and understands the importance of prompt communication. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Beaufort, North Carolina, contact Hancock Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule your free initial consultation. 

Traffic Violations

Getting a traffic ticket can be more than just an annoyance. Depending on the type of traffic ticket and whether you already have points on your driver’s license, the ticket could have serious repercussions. Sometimes people assume they should just pay the fine. However, working with an attorney who will fight your traffic ticket can help you significantly. You may be able to avoid paying a fine and receiving points on your driver’s license. You may also be able to avoid paying significantly higher auto insurance premiums, which will increase if you plead guilty and pay the ticket. 

Defending yourself against traffic violations could prevent you from having your driver’s license suspended, making it difficult to get to and from work. Going to court to fight your traffic ticket will cost you time away from work. Attorney Joel Hancock can fight your traffic ticket for you without going to court. You can also spare yourself from all the other negative ramifications of pleading guilty or being found guilty of a North Carolina traffic infraction.

Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges in North Carolina can be frustrating and daunting. Attorney Joel Hancock understands that every day, innocent people are charged with crimes. During your free case evaluation, he will attempt to understand the situation that led to you being charged with a crime. Whatever type of law you’ve been accused of breaking, he is prepared to provide you with an outstanding criminal defense. Attorney Joel Hancock has experience representing clients in a wide range of criminal charges, including the following:

After he listens carefully to your account of the events leading up to your arrest, he will develop the best legal strategy for your case. He will also conduct a comprehensive investigation into your case’s facts to get your case dismissed or win an acquittal in court. The evidence against you may seem overwhelming, and the prosecutors may bring pressure on you to accept a plea deal. We recommend reaching out to attorney Joe Hancock, who will negotiate for the best outcome possible in your case.


The penalties for misdemeanor-level crimes are lighter than those for felonies. However, if you are convicted of a misdemeanor, that criminal charge will likely stay on your record for the rest of your life. When you seek employment, a potential employer will be able to see the conviction during a background check. Educational admissions, licensing applications, and bank loans will also be able to see your criminal conviction. 

If you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor in Beaufort, North Carolina, it’s time for you to be proactive and hire an experienced attorney. Joel Hancock will provide you and your case with the personal attention you need and deserve. He represents clients facing the following types of misdemeanor charges:

  • Theft
  • Assault
  • Vandalism
  • Prostitution, pandering, and solicitation
  • Breaking and entering
  • Trespass
  • Resisting arrest
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug crimes
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Alcohol crimes


Every year, thousands of tourists visit Beaufort, North Carolina, to enjoy the beach, seafood, boating, and the charming downtown. It’s easy to let your guard down while on vacation or relaxing in this idyllic setting. If you’ve been charged with a DWI, also referred to as a DUI in Beaufort, a conviction can have long-lasting consequences. North Carolina has some of the strictest DWI laws in the country. If you are convicted, you will face a mandatory prison sentence and hefty fines. Depending on the facts in your case, you could permanently lose your driver’s license. Additionally, North Carolina has a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under age 21.

When determining the sentence for a person convicted of a DWI, courts in North Carolina will consider mitigating and aggravating factors. Aggravating factors include how many previous DWI convictions are on your record, driving while intoxicated with a child in the car, and others. Mitigating factors can include taking an alcohol rehabilitation course. When you work with attorney Joel Hancock, you can rest assured that he will investigate your case and present evidence of mitigating factors while challenging aggravating factors. He will work hard for the best outcome possible in your case.


Felonies are the most serious types of crimes that carry jail sentences of at least one year and heavy penalties. Under North Carolina law, felonies are classified by varying degrees of severity. Even if you’ve been accused of a lower-level felony, such as a Class 1 felony, you could end up being sentenced to multiple years in jail, especially when there are aggravating factors in your case. You need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will take the time to develop a firm understanding of the facts in your case while seeking the best outcome possible. Attorney Joel Hancock represents clients in all the following types of felony cases:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Sex offenses
  • Assault
  • Gun crimes
  • Burglary
  • Arson
  • Homicide/murder
  • Robbery

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If you face a traffic violation or criminal charge in Beaufort, North Carolina, attorney Joel Hancock is here to help. He will presume your innocence and help you understand your legal options. Contact Hancock Law Firm, PLLC today to schedule your free case evaluation to learn more about your legal rights.