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You may think of misdemeanors in the abstract as minor infractions that will, at worst, result in judicial “slaps on the wrist.” Once you are arrested for a misdemeanor, however, your perspective is likely to change. Dealing with law enforcement and being processed through the judicial system will make you realize that misdemeanors, like felonies, are crimes, and can have serious consequences. Even though misdemeanors carry lighter punishments than felonies, they do remain on your criminal record for life, showing up on background checks for employment, educational admissions, bank loans, and licensing applications. No matter what punishment is meted out, your reputation in the community and your relationships with those close to you may suffer after a misdemeanor conviction. Don’t go at it alone, contact a strong criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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Types of Misdemeanors in North Carolina

At Hancock Law Firm we commonly deal with the following common misdemeanor charges:

  • Assault — unlawfully touching another person or threatening to do so
  • Theft — petty larceny, such as shoplifting
  • Breaking and Entering — illegally entering someone else’s home, business, or car
  • Disorderly Conduct — intentionally causing a public disturbance
  • Alcohol Crimes –underage drinking, being drunk and disorderly in public, committing an open container violation
  • Drug Crimes — possessing or using small quantities of marijuana
  • Domestic Violence — involving threats, harassment or unwanted physical touching of a family or household member, roommate or housemate or present or former partner
  • Resisting Arrest or Obstructing an Officer — interfering with a working law enforcement official or otherwise getting in the way of law enforcement
  • Trespass — entering property owned by another without permission
  • Vandalism — deliberately damaging or destroying another person’s property
  • Prostitution, Pandering, Solicitation — offering or receiving sexual favors for money, or hiring someone to provide you with sexual gratification

How Misdemeanors are Classified in North Carolina

In North Carolina, misdemeanors are classified according to their perceived severity as follows:

Class A1 Misdemeanors
Class A1 misdemeanors are those designated most severe, carrying maximum penalties. Examples of Class A1 misdemeanor are [1] assault on a female, child, or disabled individual [2] assault with a deadly weapon [3] assault on a government employee and [4] violating a restraining order. Class A1 misdemeanors can result in a maximum penalty of 150 days in jail and a discretionary fine.

Class 1 Misdemeanors
Class 1 misdemeanors are also considered severe. These include [1] prostitution [2] possession of drug paraphernalia [3] possession of stolen goods [4] communicating threats [5] hit and runs with property damage [6] breaking and entering and [7] soliciting a prostitute. The maximum penalty for Class 1 misdemeanor is 120 days of active, intermediate or community punishment. The fine is left to the discretion of the court.

Class 2 Misdemeanors
Under the umbrella of Class 2 misdemeanors, the following crimes are included: [1] simple assault [2] disorderly conduct [3] reckless driving and [4] unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon. The sentence for a Class 2 misdemeanor is 1 to 60 days of active, intermediate, or community punishment, with a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a fine of $1,000.

Class 3 Misdemeanors
The least serious type of misdemeanors in North Carolina are those in Class 3 which includes the following crimes: [1] shoplifting (petty larceny) [2] possession of marijuana (less than 1/2 ounce) [3] second-degree trespassing and [4] misuse of the emergency 911 system. The punishment for conviction of a Class 3 misdemeanor in North Carolina is 1 to 20 days of active, intermediate, or community punishment.

Punishments for a Misdemeanor in North Carolina

As mentioned earlier, misdemeanors are considered less serious crimes than felonies and therefore convictions bring lighter penalties. Still, no amount of jail time is pleasant and alternative programs are time-consuming, restrictive, and often humiliating. The three types of misdemeanor punishments in North Carolina are:

  • Active: jail time
  • Intermediate: supervised probation, drug or other treatment programs,
    house arrest and/or electronic monitoring
  • Community: involuntary, unpaid work for the community (e.g. road clean-up)

In some cases, misdemeanor punishment is split, meaning that the person convicted serves a short time in jail followed by, for example, a period of community service. Community service may also involve skill-training to assist in rehabilitation and employment.

Levels of Punishment

As is common in the judicial system, there are several layers of categories applied when deciding punishments for misdemeanor charges. The judge will consider the following levels, based on criminal history when deciding penalties for misdemeanor convictions:

  • Level I: no prior convictions
  • Level II: 1 to 4 prior convictions
  • Level III: 5 or more prior convictions

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