Someone on their laptop, using social media.

Criminal Acts that are Committed on Social Media

Social media has become somewhat of a normal, daily activity. It has helped to shape our lives in many ways, connecting us to our jobs, our families, and our friends across the world. Through social media, we can meet others who share our favorite hobbies and interests and stay up-to-date on current events. Social media […]

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Woman holding her cell phone, cyberstalking

What Exactly is a Cyberstalking Charge in North Carolina?

There’s no doubt that our society has been forever changed by technology. From buying groceries and clothes, to paying bills and doing your banking, just about anything and everything that needs to be done can be executed online. But while the ever-changing technological landscape has done a lot of good, one other thing can also […]

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Zoom video conference with attorney.

Could Zoom Be the Future of Jury Trials?

Without a vaccine and no clear end in sight, unfortunately, coronavirus seems here to stay for a while. While many industries have adapted to our new normal, many courts have remained closed. It begs the question as to the future of jury trials as we know them. How can you uphold a defendant’s right to […]

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Man with handcuffs, being arrested for drug trafficking

Drug Trafficking in North Carolina

When you have been charged with the trafficking of drugs, it can feel hopeless and terrifying. You may feel that there is nothing you can do. However, that is not necessarily the case.  Those who possess a scheduled controlled substance or a narcotic could find themselves up against a drug trafficking charge. However, it is […]

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Police officer stopping blonde woman for DWI.

Can You Get a DWI in a Self-Driving Vehicle?

The idea of “self-driving” vehicles is extremely exciting, like something out of a sci-fi movie. They allow the driver to sit back while the car operates by itself when in self-driving mode. Many are under the impression that “self-driving” vehicles do all the work, allowing you to do what you please while in the car. […]

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Teenager being arrested at a crime scene.

Could My Child Be Charged as an Adult in NC?

As a parent, you do your very best to make sure that your children stay safe, healthy, and out of trouble. You try to instill the best values within them and guide them on the right path to success. But sometimes, your kids make mistakes anyway. Hearing that your child has been arrested can be […]

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Female being tested with a breathalyzer for drugs or alcohol.

Breathalyzer Test Can Detect Levels of Marijuana

More and more states have begun legalizing the use of both medical and recreational marijuana. Subsequently, law enforcement has increasingly concerned itself with discovering new ways to identify any drivers who may be under the influence of and impaired by marijuana and specifically the psychoactive ingredient in it, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Detecting THC in the Body […]

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Policeman with a K-9 unit dog preparing for a search.

What Is the ‘Exclusionary Rule?’

Can illegally obtained evidence be used against you at trial? The simple answer is “no.” When you are charged with a crime, all evidence presented at trial must have been obtained in a legal manner; any illegally obtained evidence may not be presented. This is called the “exclusionary rule.” The exclusionary rule was established as […]

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Couple fighting while child cries in home.

Can Domestic Violence Be Considered a Felony in NC?

Domestic violence is treated very seriously in North Carolina, as it is in every other state. Those charged and convicted of such behavior will receive consequences correlating to the classification of domestic violence: misdemeanor or felony. So how are these classifications identified? Domestic violence includes physical or sexual violence, such as: Pushing Shoving Punching Choking […]

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