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A Lawyer Can Help Defend You Against Child Abuse Allegations in NC

By Joel Hancock

Any allegations of child abuse should be taken extremely seriously. If you have been suspected of child abuse it can impact your life – whether or not you are charged, let alone convicted. This is because allegations of child abuse can negatively interfere with your ability to gain custody of your child in a divorce case, can ruin your reputation and that of your business, and can be exceedingly stressful, affecting your well-being. 

Avoid Speaking About Your Child Abuse Case

If you have been accused of child abuse, you should never speak about it with anyone – not even child protective services – without speaking with your attorney. A knowledgeable and experienced North Carolina family law attorney can collect and review evidence, conduct a separate investigation, and help you achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children via a strong defense. 

Fighting Charges of Child Abuse

Unfortunately, sometimes contentious divorces involve false allegations  — especially when minor children are involved. Not everyone who is accused of child abuse has laid a hand on his or her child. 

A qualified family law attorney can help work towards achieving a pre-trial dismissal or reduction of your charges. In some cases, he or she can even help you to obtain a plea agreement that would reduce the potential consequences of a conviction for child abuse. 

What Happens if Your Case Goes to Trial?

Should your case go to trial, a qualified litigator will be important for helping you to prepare. Since the prosecution will likely bring in medical experts to prove that you were abusive, it’s important that you understand the nature of the injuries that you are being accused of and possibly present your own medical expert for your defense. 

By working with the right attorney, you will be able to focus on the important issues and combat even the most difficult cases. 

Hancock Law Firm, PLLC Helps Those in North Carolina Who Have Been Charged with a Crime

A criminal conviction in North Carolina can have a very long-lasting impact on your life. Not only can it affect your ability to obtain or keep certain jobs, but also it can have a permanent impact on your reputation. Child abuse is a very serious crime that should be taken very seriously. That’s why it is in your best interest to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced North Carolina criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. 

At Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, we fully understand what is at stake and will do everything that we can to help you fight these charges and obtain the best possible outcome for you. To learn more or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today!

About the Author
Joel Hancock is a native of Carteret County, NC. He devotes 100% of his practice to defending those accused of traffic infractions, DWI, misdemeanors, and felonies in Carteret County, NC.